About Us

Giving you a clear-cut advantage

At Active Tooling, we provide cutting tools for those in woodworking, plastic, and non-ferrous metal industries, all to give our customers a clear-cut advantage—but we don’t stop there. Day by day, we make it our job to surprise our customers. That means delivering products that are reliable and long lasting. That means being ready and willing to answer questions or make strategic recommendations. That means designing custom solutions and delivering them in a timely manner. And it means being a good partner by going the extra mile whenever possible.

Active's solid carbide router tools

Active Tooling manufactures its own line of solid carbide router tooling. Our tools often out-perform leading competitors in the cutting tool industry. Need that extra 1/8″ cutting edge? No problem! We have the advantage of manufacturing that special tool tailored to your own unique specifications. We invite you to stop in any time to see our CNC Grinding Machines in action! Give us a shout – we’ll send you a catalog today or take a look through our lineup here.

Brands We Distribute

You can take a lot from a company’s name, and ours says a lot – always moving, always improving, and being proactive for the sake of those we serve.

What defines us?

  • We Only Sell Tools We Would Use Ourselves
  • We Believe Providing Great Products is Only Part of Our Job – That’s Why We’re Actively Engaged With Those We Serve
  • We Don’t Cut Corners – In the Products We Offer or the Ones We Custom Make
  • Knowledge Makes a Difference – And We Have Plenty of It
  • We Don’t Let Technology Outpace Us – We’re Always Updating and Always a Step Ahead