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5 Things to Consider When Searching for Tool Coatings

tool coatingsThere are over 88,000 cabinet makers and bench carpenters in the United States, and every single one of them is aware of how important the right tool coatings can be. Whether you’re a DIY beginner or an expert in construction and remodeling, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for.

Tool coatings can protect your tools from wear and tear, as well as guarantee a longer and more efficient lifespan. However, choosing the right tool coatings can be an arduous process, so here are a few common characteristics to be on the lookout for.

A high surface hardness on your cutting tools is going to be a huge contributing factor in promoting a long lifespan. Simply put, the harder the material or surface, the longer your tool will last. This is especially important for drill bits and wood cutting tools, as they’re often subjected to a large amount of friction and stress.

Wear Resistance
Wear resistance is a tool coating’s ability to protect a tool from abrasion. Though a material might not be extremely hard, it might be very abrasive. For example, though a 135 degree angle drill bit may be suited for harder materials, it may not be prepared for abrasion without a wear-resistant tool coating.

Surface Lubricity
Materials with a high friction rate contribute to excessive heat, which can severely shorten the life of both your tool coating and your tool at the same time. A material with a lower coefficient friction will greatly increase the life of your tool, as well as make your entry and exit holes smoother.

Oxidation Temperature
Oxidation temperature is the point at which a coating starts to break down. The higher the oxidation temperature, the longer your tool coating will last. If you’re one of the 53% of homeowners who believe now is a good time to remodel, you may want to look for tool coatings with high oxidation temperatures to increase the lifespan of your tools throughout your remodel.

Build up edge is common among tools, and anti-seizure technology can help prevent it and increase the lifespan of your tools (notice a theme, here?). If there’s less chance for chemical reactivity, your tools will perform better for longer.

Choosing a tool coating can be confusing at first, but if you ask about these five properties, you should be well on your way to prolonging the life of all your cutting tools.

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10 Basic Woodworking Tools Every New Furniture Maker Should Know

solid carbide router bitIf you’re thinking of renovating, you’re not alone — 53% of homeowners across the United States believe that now is the right time to renovate their homes. In fact, 48% of homeowners made plans to remodel, build an addition, or build a custom home from 2013 to 2015 alone. To help prepare you for your upcoming project, here are 10 basic woodworking tools you should have.

  1. Power jointer and thickness planer. This power tool is used to efficiently flatten the faces of rough or reclaimed lumber. This process is one of the first few steps for any furniture project. Compared to hand-held tools, the thickness planer is also a huge time-saver, since it’s able to trim boards to a consistent thickness while remaining flat on both surfaces.
  2. Circular or table saw, for rough dimensioning. While a circular saw is good to use, if you have a good table saw, it can be even more useful. This is because you can use a table saw for a wide variety of joinery work. It is not just limited to dimensioning.
  3. Hand saws, a router and two router bits. These are the tools commonly used for cross-cutting, straightening edges and cutting boards down to final width. The two router bits are a straight cut bit and a flush trimming bit.
  4. A jigsaw is used for cutting curves. Coping saws is also useful for more detailed work.
  5. Tools for marking. It’s is important to mark where changes need to be made, so that cutting is more precise. Tools used for marking include a combination square and tape measure, crayons, pencils, a knife and an awl.
  6. A power drill and solid carbide router bits, as necessary. Solid carbide router bits are used for mortising, laminate trimming, and pattern cutting.
  7. Rasps, files, a random-orbit sander, a smoothing plane and a block plane. These common woodworking tools are used for smoothing surfaces of all kinds for the final work. Be sure to have sharpening supplies for the plane blades.
  8. Chisels and a wooden mallet.
  9. A hammer and screwdrivers.
  10. A Workmate, a puttering bench and clamps. In woodworking, it is important to have a good puttering bench and workmate in order to complete projects.

For the 88,000 cabinetmakers and bench carpenters in the U.S. today, many use the tools listed above to complete their projects. In addition to these tools, they also employ custom tooling companies to supply tool holders and cutting tools like solid carbide router bits. Before starting your next project, consider Active Tooling to help create lasting works of art for any space.

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5 Tips and Tricks to Make Any Remodeling Job Successful

cutting toolsYour home is a major investment, and there will always be something you can do to add to the value and curb appeal of your humble abode. Over half — 53% — of homeowners agree that there is no time like the present to remodel their homes. In general, homeowners who remodel are planning on staying in their home for the long term. Some — 24% — would prefer to move, but because of the cost and economy, it makes better economical sense to just improve the home they’re in. And 66% are making changes so their homes will better fit their needs, whether it is because of a growing family or empty-nesters making their home cohesive again.

Are you planning on remodeling your home? Here are some tips and tricks for a successful remodel.

1. Plan Ahead
It is crucial that you plan ahead before you start the remodeling process, as you do not want to be stuck halfway through a project and then realize you forgot something. This includes tools as well; make sure to pick up wood cutting tools, plastic cutting tools, and — if needed — custom cutting tools.

2. Use Quality Help
If you are looking to hire professional help, make sure they are experienced. Things to look for include more than three years on the job, a good rating,and record with the Better Business Bureau, and many customer references.

3. Secure Your Valuables
As remodeling affects your entire house, it is a good idea to pack away valuables, especially fragile ones. Take down pictures so they don’t fall and cause damage, and go ahead and secure your nonmobile fixtures such as cabinets and furniture as well.

4. Be Realistic
Do not invest in something that you will never use. For example, do not install a massive whirlpool bathtub if you are not a fan of baths. Instead, look into the options for a shower that reminds you of a spa.

5. Open, Open, Open
Remodeling jobs with the biggest impact include those that open up walls and hallways. This will give a whole new look to your home and is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

Double checking your tools and may need some extra pieces? Head on over to Active Tooling today and our experts will help with all your needs!

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Here’s How an Experienced Custom Tooling Company Can Help You Through Every Step of Your Project

custom tooling companyCreating something special is no easy task, and it’s even more difficult when you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. A great artist is nothing without their paintbrush, and your project can never reach its full potential without custom tooling solutions.

An experienced custom tooling company can help you through every crucial step of your project, from tool design to delivery. Homeowners spent about $130 billion on remodeling projects in 2013, and this cost is likely inflated as some people may have failed to procure the right kind of tools for the job. In addition to providing you with personalized solutions, a custom tooling company can also enhance or even store these tools while you focus on other things.

It’s easy to design something unique, but you need to convert your ideas into concrete solutions in order to succeed. Here’s how a professional custom tooling company can help you turn your wildest dreams into a reality:

  • Custom tools made just for you
    About 53% of homeowners agree that now is a good time to renovate a home, but many are unable to do so because they lack the proper tools. A special project requires special tools, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from a trusted custom tooling company. Not only can they build you a custom tool, but they can also help you through the design process.
  • Tool sharpening services
    Homeowners who are remodeling plan to stay in their homes for the long-term. More than half (66%) are making changes so their homes better meet their needs, while about 53% say they have no plans of moving in the immediate future. Therefore, it makes sense to keep these custom tools around in case another project arises. Tool sharpening services can save you tons of money over time because you won’t need to keep buying replacement tools.
  • Tool management
    Once you’re done using your custom tools, you may not need them for a little while. Keeping unnecessary tools around can waste space in your home, and they can be easily stolen if you let your guard down. With tool management, a custom tooling company can pick up and deliver your custom tools so you can focus on other projects.

When you can’t find the right tools for the job at the store, it’s time to call the professionals. Get in touch with an experienced custom tooling company and start taking advantage of custom tools.

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CNC Machines and You — Some Fast Facts to Get You Thinking About Cutting Tools

cutting toolCNC Machines are an absolutely vital part of the manufacturing industry. As far as precision machining goes, these devices are used to make nearly everything and produce some amazingly accurate, attractive results.

Whether you’re new to CNC machining or are an expert looking to test your knowledge on cutting tools or bring yourself up to speed on the latest developments throughout the CNC industry, we’ve put together a short list of fast facts about CNC machines, and the manufacturing industry at large, to put your knowledge to the test!

These custom tools are good for more than just cutting plastic and shaping metal pieces.

The Many Uses of CNC Machine Tooling

  • CNC machines are extremely efficient for mass production. Once engineers, scientists, inventors, or whoever is operating the machine has perfected their design and has achieved a satisfactory result, they can program the CNC machine to make exact copies. For the purposes of mass production, CNC machines are extraordinarily useful and are second to none as an interactive cutting tool.
  • The CNC milling machines used in labs to drill and/or tap the polar bolt pattern in typical wheel hubs costs around a healthy $60,000 though smaller, manual milling machines cost much less — around $15,000 or so. For industrial uses, machine tooling gets about twice as expensive, though that’s to be expected.
  • CNC machines allow multiple axes of simultaneous motion, which allows both 2D and 3D contouring ability light years ahead of the manufacturing capabilities of the cutting machines used just a few decades ago. CNC milling machines can both move and mill a sloped line or circular trajectory. This requires simultaneous X and Y motion, which is what the manufacturing industry has lacked for so many years. Perhaps even more impressively, a CNC lathe can move the cutting tool around corners of a part in order to produce a fillet, which requires not only simultaneous X and Y axis movement, but free movement of the Z axis as well.

We hope these fast facts were enough to get you thinking about CNC tooling — if you haven’t been already! Feel free to share your questions, comments, and concerns below.

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The Remodeling Tools You’ll Need to Have On Hand When Remodeling Your Home

plastic cutting toolsIf someone asked you to guess which rooms cost the most to remodel, what would your answer be? A lot of folks are guessing the basement, which is almost true. We’ve all seen houses with excellent basements, and we’ve thought about the costs involved. They’re heavy, but not quite as hefty as the costs associated with the number one and two spots. Those distinctions belong to the kitchen and bathroom.

Between 2008 and 2013, U.S. Houzz users spent an average of $28,030 on their kitchens. Those same homeowners spent around $10,422 remodeling their bathrooms. Regardless of the room, it’s worth thinking about using the proper tools for the job.

Tool management is something all homeowners should pay attention to. Without the proper tools, homeowners can find themselves shelling out extra cash. Wood cutting tools, plastic cutting tools, and other custom tools are available to anyone. In today’s day and age, there is no excuse for not having the proper equipment on hand or available for a job. There’s too much at stake to risk anything.

To show just how costly these projects are, consider the fact that U.S. homeowners spent an average of $130 billion on remodeling projects in 2013 alone. That’s quite a lot of money, no matter who you’re asking.

If you feel a remodeling project is up your alley, a great place to start is with your tools. If you have wood cutting materials or plastic cutting tools, a lot of the hassle is already gone.

The next time you’re at a supplies store or a home renovation store, consult with an expert. See if they have the right tools for your home in the store. If they do, consider investing. More than half of all homeowners agree that now is a great time to renovate a home. Purchasing the right tools could help you pay less than them. With home renovation being as costly as it is, why not spend some time looking into cutting costs?

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New Active Tooling Website Launched!

A new year is bringing a new website for us here at Active Tooling. We are launching the site with our own solid carbide spirals ready to purchase, but soon expect to have a full range of products available to order including saw blades, router bits, and other items from leading brands!

In the short term please be patient with us as we launch and refine the new site – let us know any issues you might encounter.

Help us make your experience with us better! write to and tell us how we can help!